TOUGHLOVE Queensland

A self-help
                                program for parents, kids and
                                communities struggling with unacceptable
                                adolescent behaviour

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Welcome to TOUGHLOVE Queensland

What's on?

  • TOUGHLOVE Queensland is 23 years old in 2016
  • Read our newsletters (members only)!
TOUGHLOVE Queensland -
                              now 21 Years of Excellence
Updated 16 January 2016

Introduction to members-only pages

A username and password are required to access members pages, available from all Queensland group coordinators.

Some of the really useful pages that TOUGHLOVE Queensland members can access include:
  • All groups (including Groups' Stands and Bottom Lines)
  • Parent support group pages
  • Forms (consumables - including Child and Adult Crisis Assessment forms)
  • Documents (used by Parent Support Groups)
  • Roles (descriptions of Parent Support Group roles)

Newsletters from other TOUGHLOVE organisations are now combined with those from Queensland. Read and learn:
  • more parent's stories
  • advice for parent support groups
  • how to work our stands and bottom lines
  • information about teenage behaviour
  • material useful for information segments